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Premises Liability 

People are injured in serious and

sometimes fatal accidents on private and

public property due to dangerous and

defective conditions existing thereon.

In the state of Florida, property owners

are held responsible for dangerous or

defective conditions on their property

causing injury to those who are legally thereon. Accordingly, in the event that

the property owner fails to design or maintain the property in a reasonably safe

condition, depending on his relationship with an individual who is injured on the

property, the land owner may or may not be held accountable for those injuries.

In the event that an individual slips, trips and falls on private or public property, through no fault of his own, the services of an injury attorney are important to assist in the assessment of the land-owner’s responsibility for the land users injuries.

Stark Injury Law has represented those who have been injured through no fault of their own, in supermarkets, restaurants, public parks, and retail stores, and in the process, has seen to it that clients are properly compensated for medical expenses, wage loss, and pain and suffering associated with the injuries sustained.

In addition to claims arising from slipping, tripping or falling, other claims brought against owners of land include: claims arising from the failure to maintain proper security and dog bites.

Slip and Fall on a Banana

Dog Bites:

Children and adults who have been bitten by a dog can be left with physical and emotional scars.

Generally, property owners and dog owners who do not take proper precaution to insure the safety of others may be held liable for dog bites, which can result in serious and/or catastrophic injuries. Should that occur, the services of an experienced law firm will be required to obtain appropriate compensation to pay medical expense, potential wage loss, and pain and suffering that may be associated with emotional trauma and permanent scarring.

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